What is Testro-X Truth?

Testro-X Truth is a testosterone boosting supplement that has been specifically formulated to help men who are losing muscle mass, strength and energy because their testosterone levels have been dropping over the years. The manufacturer of this product contends that men who use it will be able to significantly improve many aspects of their physical fitness, including muscle growth, energy levels, workout recovery times and even their mental focua. You can in short return your body to its normal testosterone levels and get all the benefits of having done this without taking anabolic steroids. Of course, to get the maximum result from taking this testosterone booster, it’s necessary that you also engage in vigorous, regimented workouts, including resistance training.

Beyond simply allowing you to add more muscle, this supplement also offers a number of other benefits, including greater mental acuity and much higher levels of energy throughout the day and when you are exercising – whether this is sports or during a workout session. According to make this product, it is a significant breakthrough in maintaining hormonal health, and is provided via a blend of natural nutrients and herbs that will help you produce the testosterone your body is having trouble making now. By using this testosterone booster correctly and regularly, you may be able to reverse your declining physical vitality, strength and energy. You should also be able to quickly burn away excess fat.

An interesting aspect of this product is that the manufacturer indicates that it can also be useful for women. This is because it is helpful in managing estrogen levels as well. Many other testosterone boosting supplements cannot be used by women. But like most other muscle building supplements, this product should not be used by anyone under the age of 18. You should also check with your doctor for you use this or any other supplement if you have allergies or serious medical conditions. Note that because this supplement is all-natural, it can be safely combined with other supplements.

This product is manufactured by Truth Nurtra, a pioneering company started by a Duke University neuroscientist named Christopher Walker. He spent 10 years looking into men’s health in general and testosterone production in particular. With this supplement, the maker is hoping to provide the most innovative testosterone boosting supplement on the market. It is specifically designed to work hand-in-hand with your body’s functions to increase the presence of naturally produced testosterone. Researchers have found no unexpected or unpleasant side effects associated with using this product.

How Testro-X Truth Works?
Many people are under the misconception that they can boost their testosterone levels in an entirely natural way using food alone. However, this is much more difficult than it seems. By using Testro-X Truth according to the manufacturer instructions and in conjunction with a sound diet and a vigorous exercise regimen, it’s relatively easy to provide your body with what it needs to increase your testosterone levels. It will have the added benefit of decreasing your estrogen levels, which is another problem that can occur with older men as they add fat.

According to the company, it has combined in this single supplement three essential micronutrients, two adaptogenic herbs and four different natural compounds that offer you a better chance of reaching your fitness goals. All of these various ingredients are backed by dozens of research studies. In addition to this, the precise proportions of all of these supplemental ingredients have been combined in a way that most effectively boosts testosterone production in the body. The safety and purity of Testro-X ensures that it is perfectly safe for you to take on a daily basis. The dosage instructions indicate that users should take three capsules each night in order to get the best possible result.

Ingredients of Testro-X Truth
Something that will please any serious athlete about this product is the fact that it uses entirely natural ingredients. Another thing to note is that the ingredients have been chosen from all over the world, so as to ensure that the best possible formulation was achieved. One advantage to using these all-natural ingredients is that the manufacturer can ensure that no artificial or harmful ingredients are included in the supplement. Bodybuilders, weightlifters, athletes and the public in general usually like to avoid unnecessary preservatives or chemicals in anything they consume. For this reason, Testro-X Truth uses only the following:

Magnesium citrate (150 mg): The natural ingredient magnesium has been shown to help enhance the effectiveness of testosterone in the bloodstream. A number of studies have demonstrated that magnesium can raise testosterone levels in your body when taken regularly. In this supplement, you will get 30% of the daily magnesium you require. This dosage has been carefully calibrated to be exactly what you need to build lean, powerful muscle.

Zinc Gluconate (15 mg): Zinc Gluconate can be found in virtually every testosterone boosting supplement on the market. It is an absolute necessity to have sufficient zinc in your bloodstream if you’re trying to address any deficit in your testosterone levels. Certainly, failing to have enough zinc in your system will result in a lower testosterone level. However, this supplement provides 100% of your daily needs when it comes to zinc.

Organic Ashwagandha Root Extract (400 mg): This ingredient has been used in India and other nations in Southeast Asia as an herbal remedy for centuries. It is believed that Ashwagandha can be very helpful in reducing anxiety and stress by adjusting your cortisol level. Research has also demonstrated that this ingredient can be very effective in increasing cardio vascularity, which in itself helps testosterone do a more effective job. There are generally no side effects from this ingredient when used according to directions.

Forskohlii Root Extract (250 mg): Forskohlii is an all natural ingredient that has been demonstrated in a number of studies to raise testosterone levels in men who use it. In addition to this, it has been shown that this ingredient improves the body’s ability to use testosterone efficiently.

Inositol (200 mg): There has been a great deal of interest recently regarding the effect that this ingredient has on the body – and in particular testosterone levels. According to various researchers, using this ingredient in supplements can help improve your mood and reduce stress. While some claim that this ingredient can – possibly – reduced testosterone levels, this overlooks the fact that it can also decrease estrogen levels.

Glycine (200 mg): Glycine is another all-natural ingredient in this supplement, although it is not in and of itself directly promoting testosterone production in the body. However, by helping you sleep better – which is one of its properties – glycine can help you be healthier overall, which in and of itself can impact testosterone levels.

L-theanine (100 mg): The presence of this ingredient in Testo-X points to the fact that their formulation focuses largely on conditioning, since L-theanine has proven very useful in boosting energy levels, relieving stress and encouraging better quality sleep – all of which can boost your energy levels so you can engage in more intensive, muscle producing workouts.

Boron Citrate (10 mg): When it comes to enhancing testosterone levels in men, Boron Citrate is often overlooked. Studies have demonstrated that this mineral can increase your testosterone level by as much as 28%. They can also decrease estrogen levels by as much as 39%. So the inclusion of this ingredient in this testosterone boosting supplement makes perfect sense.

Black Pepper Fruit Extract (10 mg): Black Pepper Fruit Extract is a relatively neutral ingredient, meaning that it has no direct association with energy levels or testosterone levels – although it is frequently used in testosterone supplements. However, one good reason why it might be used is to help people during their workouts, since it contains capsaicin – which like other peppers can momentarily increase your metabolism.

While it is not yet one of the better known testosterone boosting supplements, this formulation already has a loyal following of satisfied customers. Many of these customers have been more than happy to point out the benefits they have obtained from using this remarkable product. The primary benefit to using Testro-X Truth is that it can significantly improve your body’s ability to produce more testosterone. By taking this product, the manufacturer indicates that you will wait, add lots of muscle and have far more energy and stamina for your workouts. One of the principal problems that many older men face when working out in the gym is that they are simply too tired and too sore to push themselves through an intensive workout.

But the manufacturer suggests that one of the key points about this product that differentiates it from other testosterone boosters on the market is that it does more than just help your body create even more testosterone. According to them, it also helps your body use that testosterone efficiently and effectively. This is an important thing to understand about this product.

In addition to this, the vasodilation that results from using this product will improve the circulation of blood throughout your arteries and veins. This will both flush out any nasty toxins and push additional oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. This will help your muscles repair damage caused in your workouts and allow them to add on extra mass.

Of course, to take full advantage of the benefits provided by the Testro-X Truth testosterone boosting supplement, the manufacturer points out that it is essential that you also engage in a vigorous exercise routine and eat a sensible, high-protein diet that promotes muscle building. You will also want to consume lots of water throughout the day, and especially before, during and after workouts.

Sleep is also an important consideration when it comes to physical fitness. If you’re going to have the energy you need during the day to carry out your normal activities and still hit the gym and workout hard, you need to get a good night’s rest. Also, make sure that you are consistent in how you use this supplement. Missing it every other day or taking it when you feel like it is not the approach you should use if you’re going to succeed.

In the rapidly expanding and changing supplement industry, new products arrive all the time. This means it can take quite some time for the industry to get around to recognizing and certifying a product when it comes to how effective it actually is. While the product page doesn’t seem to indicate any industry certificates, this in itself doesn’t suggest that there is anything wrong with the product.

On the contrary, countless research studies have verified that the ingredients included in this testosterone boosting supplement actually have positive beneficial effects for users. The fact that this product was originally developed at Duke University by a researcher there also lends a great deal of credence to the claims of the manufacturer. Finally, the many testimonials provided by satisfied customers can’t help but instill a lot of confidence in this product.

Years ago when I was a younger man, I was in excellent condition. I took part in many different sports and had lots of muscle and plenty of stamina. But after I got an office job sitting at a desk and acquired a family and kids and lots of responsibilities, I just didn’t have the time to keep myself in good shape. Or at least, I thought I didn’t. However, by the time I had hit my late 30s, I realized I had really let myself go. I was in terrible shape and have lost a lot of the muscle mass I had had as a younger man. At this point, I decided was time to do something about this by getting a gym membership and getting myself back into shape. Unfortunately, this turned out to be more difficult than I expected. Even though I regularly went to the gym and did cardiovascular and resistance exercises to try to get myself back into decent condition, it was a slow process that didn’t seem to be showing much in the way of results. Then someone at the gym pointed me to Testro-X Truth. Once I started using this product, everything changed. Suddenly, the fat just started melting away and I started adding lots of lean muscle mass and getting the kind of definition I hadn’t had in years. And it was more than just how I look. I actually felt much better and had more energy for my workouts, for my job and for my family. I can’t recommend this product enough.
Bart Cotter, Syracuse, NY

When I went away to college, I did so with a football scholarship. I had been a big shot on my high school football team, and I assumed it would still be the same when I got to college. But I was in for a big surprise. Most of the guys on the team were much bigger and much stronger than me. They could workout harder and longer than I could in the gym and could lift much heavier weights. I had thought before that I was in pretty good shape, but with these guys I felt like a 98 pound weakling. So I doubled down and tried to more intense workouts more often. But this only left me feeling tired and sore all over. I just didn’t seem to be making any headway. Then the coach suggested that I try Testro-X Truth. He pointed out that some guys just naturally have lower testosterone levels than others. It’s not just when you get older that you lose testosterone. He told me that it wasn’t steroids and it wasn’t dangerous artificial chemicals, so I would be fine taking it as a student athlete. At first, I was a little skeptical about this, since it seemed too good to be true. But once I started taking this product, it only took a few weeks for me to begin seeing results. And after a few months, I was holding my own with the other guys in the gym and on the football field. I can’t begin to say how happy I am about what this supplement has done for me. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants an edge when it comes to adding muscle and strength.
Jerry Rockwell, Augusta, GA

When I reached my 50s, I started to get concerned about how much muscle mass I was losing. I’ve never really been a bodybuilder or that much of a weightlifter, but have always kept myself in pretty good shape and never feeble or week. But at this point in my life I was starting to see my strength and my muscles slip away from me. And it wasn’t as if I wasn’t doing as much as I had been doing before. I was still getting exercise, eating right, playing tennis and doing all the other things I had been doing before. I even occasionally worked out in the gym. But despite all this, I was getting thinner and thinner. Finally, I turned to my doctor to find out if it was something serious. Instead of providing a solution, he told me it was just natural for men my age to start testosterone and that this in turn caused us to lose our muscle mass. I wasn’t very happy about this, so I started doing a little research. I quickly found that I could avoid dangerous chemicals and anabolic steroids by turning to an all natural, testosterone boosting supplement like Testro-X Truth. Once I started using this product, all I had to do was stick to the same level of exercise I had been doing before – which was actually quite a bit. Within a couple of months, everything had turned around and I was adding tons of new muscle mass. I’m starting to think I’ll end up with more muscle than I had when I was younger.
Earl Sanderson, Seattle, WA

There probably aren’t a lot of women who write into complement this kind of product. However, I have a reformed couch potato husband who, thanks to this product, has now gotten himself into the best shape of his life. The fact is, I was the one who convinced him that something had to finally be done or he was going to eat himself into an early grave. In addition to all the dieting, exercising and motivational videos, we also decided to give muscle building supplements a try. Perhaps because we weren’t expecting much, we were extremely surprised when this product seem to make such a huge difference. I really want to thank the manufacturers of Testro-X Truth for helping my husband get into shape for the first time in years.
Becky Salton, Butte, MT

Awards & Media Coverage
Even though Testro-X Truth hasn’t received much in the way of media coverage or awards as of yet, it is still building up a good reputation in the bodybuilding community and among its existing customers. As mentioned above, current users of this product are singing its praises and counting the many benefits it has to offer. And there is every reason to think that in the coming months and years this product will get a lot more attention from the industry.

While no news stories as such seem to be available regarding this product, there are plenty of fitness and exercise industry websites that carry reviews and testimonials about this testosterone boosting supplement. And the most important thing to glean from these reviews and testimonials is that Testro-X Truth has a generally solid reputation and seems to do what the manufacturer promises.

Money-back Guarantee
One of the most unexpected – not to mention impressive – features of this product is the confidence that the manufacturer seems to have in it. This is made clear by the fact that they offer a highly unusual money-back guarantee. While many other supplement providers offer money-back guarantees, they are usually much more limited.

In fact, the product website offers first time customers a 100% entirely risk-free money-back guarantee for a full 60 days. In other words, you can try out this product two months, and if you decide that you don’t like it you just let the company no and they will fully refund your purchase price without objection. This means you are risking nothing by trying the product. Clearly, this company thinks you will like this supplement.

According to the company website, when you place an order it should ship in only one business day. After it has been shipped to you, you can expect the USPS to deliver it to your address in no more than 3-5 business days – if you have a US address, that is. With international shipping, things are a bit different.

International orders will be delivered by DHL Express and should arrive within 3-5 business days, although this will largely depend on which country the product is being shipped to. It’s also important to keep in mind that testosterone supplements like Testro-X Truth cannot be shipped to a number of countries in Europe. This is because the regulations there do not allow it. Check the regulations your home country to determine whether the product can be shipped to you.

Note that US customers will pay $6.95 on shipping for any orders below $99. If the order is over $99, then the shipping is absolutely free. International customers should keep in mind that the cost of shipping outside of the United States will largely depend on where they are located.

Customer Support
Naturally, the manufacturer is one going to offer customer support in some form. In the case of Truth Nurtra, this support seems less clear and extensive than it is with some other companies. While the product website does provide a toll-free number customers can call (800-214-9820), a clickable email link and a physical address you can write to in Boulder Colorado, there is no text describing any of their customer support services.

For instance, there is no pop-up chat room can simply ask a quick question in without resorting to email. There also appears to be no indication on the page regarding the staffing hours for the toll-free customer support number. This makes it difficult to know when you might be able to get a call through. In addition, there is no description whatsoever of the kind of services you can expect from customer support, whether its answers to questions or help with problems with the product. The website does offer the standard FAQ page, but very few questions are actually answered there.

Safe & Secure Checkout
This is one area where this company really seems to drop the ball. Nowhere on the page doesn’t give any indication of how secure the website is and how safe it will be to offer up personal and financial information. In part, this is probably related to the fact that this website uses PayPal processing payments for items the shopping cart. There are no logos on the page certifying that the site is safe and that it has been encrypted for your protection.

As for the PayPal payments, obviously people don’t actually have to have a PayPal account to make a payment through PayPal. You can use a standard credit card to make these kinds of purchases via PayPal. At the same time, the fairly awkward set up doesn’t instill a great deal of confidence in the operations of this business. In a way, it seems amateurish as compared with how other competing testosterone boosting manufacturers operate.

The cost of Testro-X Truth depends on whether you make a one-time payment for one or more bottles or choose to subscribe to the monthly service the company provides. If you buy a single bottle of Testro-X Truth, it will cost you $54.95 – not including shipping and handling. On some areas of the site, it seems to indicate that packages are available in which you by multiple bottles and get a discount.

As for the subscription service, if you choose to sign up for this you will be sent a bottle once each month. Your credit card will be charged $46.71 each month for the product, which means you are getting and $8.24 discount by taking advantage of this offer. On the other hand, if you decide you want to cancel the subscription you need to make sure you do it in a timely manner to avoid unexpected charges.

Testro-X Truth is an all-natural supplement that can boost a man’s testosterone levels as he gets older. This can allow him to add more in muscle mass, burn off fat and feel more energy in his workouts and daily activities. Bodybuilders, weightlifters and other strength athletes will appreciate the fact that they can avoid dangerous artificial chemicals and steroids when using this product.

• This product offers a safe, reliable way of increasing testosterone levels and adding more lean muscle mass.
• Because it is all-natural, this supplement can be combined with other supplements without experiencing any problems.
• The packaging label for this product offers a clear description of the ingredients and the exact amounts of each that are included in each dose.

• The information regarding customer service on the website seems to be quite lacking and not very helpful.
• The checkout process for buying the product from the website is fairly awkward because payments are processed through PayPal.
• The company is not able to ship to certain countries because of regulatory restrictions.

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